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The Temple Mount: An Inside Look at the Launchpad for Holiness and History

Examine the history and architecture of the Temple Mount to help understand the religious significance of the Mount to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. An in-person visit to the Temple Mount for non-Muslims does not allow entry into the Al Aqsa Mosque or the famous golden Dome of the Rock - the exact spot of where the Temples stood. On this virtual tour we get to venture inside these places and explore them up close and personal. Every generation and empire that came through Jerusalem has left their mark, let's unpack the 3,000 year old puzzle to understand each and every layer.

Shvil Kinneret Approach.jpg

Sea to Sea: The Famed Mediterranean Hike

What normally takes three days of difficult hiking across the country, we will do in an hour with a glass of Israeli wine! Hiking in the small but diverse landscape of Israel is a true Israeli cultural experience. It is no accident that every rock, tree, and puddle has a name and a story that may go back thousands of years. Our trek will be our backdrop for exploring sites, both ancient and modern, which had a lasting impact on the local areas of the north and the rest of the country.

Mount Sinai Pilgrims.jpg

The Sinai: Surviving and Thriving

Visit the stunning St. Catherine's Monastery and Jabal Mousa of the Sinai Desert, traditionally the site of Mount Sinai. As well, see the deserts' significant sites to the history of the Israelites and other peoples who trekked through and lived there. While journeying through the Sinai, we will delve into the lives of the ancients to help us understand how it was possible that people could enjoy great lives in the harshest conditions.


Tel Aviv: The Birth and Growth of the First Hebrew City

Tel Aviv is the first modern Jewish, "Hebrew" city from its inception to today. This tour looks at the stories of the people who left their mark on the city and the stunning architecture that reflects the values of Israel’s cultural capital.

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