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In-Person Tours

Jerusalem Walking Tours

3,000 years of history and holiness come to life Jerusalem's Old City. Relive the stories and traditions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity and see how the complex dialogue between them has shaped the beautiful ancient city. Then see the modern city's culture, food, and museums to get a feel for what Jerusalem is, not just what it was. Click below to build your own custom Jerusalem experience for both the old city and the new.

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The Diversity of Israel's North

The Galilee region of Israel has it all: multiculturalism, ancient and modern sites, stunning nature, and holy places for all religions. Build a custom tour that touches on all of your interests that fit in a 1-5 day itinerary.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa Walking Tours

I live in Tel Aviv and keep finding new places to explore! Here is a series of 2-3 hour tours that we can mix and match according to your interests.

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Masada and Dead Sea

The ultimate ‘must see’ Israel experience! This impressive Roman ruin brings to life the heroic and tragic 2,000 year old story with a stunning desert backdrop. Then float Dead Sea - Israel's greatest natural wonder. If that isn't enough, a walk in the Ein Gedi oasis filled with waterfalls and animals.

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Negev Desert

A unique feature of Israel is how close the major cities are to the isolated and peaceful desert. The Negev has it all: beautiful hikes, ancient and modern historical sites, and the most breathtaking views in the country.

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