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Touring Israel's North

To optimize your time, it is recommended to stay at least one night in the north. The categories below are meant to help provide options and ideas, not to box you into a specific theme.

Jewish Historical and Holy Sites

For two thousand years, the Galilee has served as a hub for Jewish creativity and spirituality. Be it the mysticism of Tzfat, the mosaics of Tzipori, or the markets and architecture of Tiberias. Walk in the footsteps of Judaism's greatest heroes the fascinating legends they left behind.


Christianity in the Galilee

From Jesus' hometown of Nazareth to Capernahum the home of St. Peter, and everything in between, the Galilee region is the best place in the world to understand the life of Jesus and the birth of Christianity.


Israel's north is a dreamland for archaeology enthusiasts. Understand your favourite stories from ancient times better than ever before. Bring to life the underground Crusader city of Acco, the 27 layers of Tel Megiddo (AKA Armageddon), Biblical sites of Tel Dan, Mount Gilboa, and so much more!


Religions of the Carmel

The Carmel Mountain, and Haifa specifically, is world famous for its cooperation spanning all of Israel's religions: Druze, Islam, Bahai, Judaism, Christianity, and more! The UNESCO Heritage Site Bahai Gardens is the world center for a religion that aims to unify all religions the perfect metaphor for the Haifa and the Carmel.

Hiking the North

The north of Israel is filled with nature reserves that are perfect for any and all levels of hikers. Whether you want water hikes, panoramic views, need accessibility, and have some delicious food afterward - the Galilee has it all!

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