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I've called Tel Aviv home since 2015 and continue to find new ways to appreciate and explore the city. The categories below can be combined together in a seamless and story-filled fashion recommended for anything between half a day to two days of touring.
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Designated as the "White City", Tel Aviv is a UNESCO heritage site for its hundreds of Bauhaus (International) style buildings. We'll examine what makes a building Bauhaus and understand what makes these simple buildings so easy to appreciate and beautiful.


The Eclectic style, pre-Bauhaus, is much showy-er in style and equally defines the personalities and stories that made Tel Aviv what it is today. They tell the story of a city that combined the cultural influences from the East, West, and Jewish symbols.


The ancient city of Jaffa mostly showcases Ottoman buildings from the 19th century, but contains hidden gems dating back to the Crusaders and even before. Each building has its unique story - what it started as and what it is today. Delve into what made Ottoman buildings in Jaffa unique to the rest of Israel?


Old City of Jaffa

Jaffa is one of the world's most ancient cities, serving as the main port to the Middle East for thousands of years. Hear the stories and see the sites of everything from Ancient Egypt and the Bible to the Jaffa Orange and the impressive artists galleries of today.

Neve Tzedek

The first Jewish neighborhood outside the Old City walls is filled with memories of the late 19th century - where local heros Shai Agnon, Devorah Baron, Aaron Chelush, Rav Kook, and more called home. These historically preserved buildings make for the most pleasant and nostalgic stroll in the city.

Ahuzat Bayit

The first modern Jewish Hebrew Speaking City, Tel Aviv is founded in 1909 around the Gymnasia Herzelia School. Using the brilliant glass mosaics of Nachum Gutman, we'll understand how one street with 70 families morphed into Israel's greatest metropolis. 

Rothschild Street

Visit Independence Hall, where the State of Israel was born, the first kiosk, and other historical landmarks that line Tel Aviv's most famous street.

Trumpledor Cemetery

Where Tel Aviv's founders and most famous celebrities were laid to rest. Hear the stories of great Zionist leaders like Nordau and Bialik and pop stars Arik Einstein and Shoshana Damari and many many more!

Walking Through History


The street art (graffiti) of Florentin has hundreds of stories to tell in a colourful and interpretive way. The last 20 years of Tel Aviv is documented on the walls in the gentrifying and disappearing neighborhood of Florentin. 


Each city in Israel has their unique open-air markets, but Tel Aviv has six that each showcase a different side of Tel Aviv. The Jaffa Flea Market has everything from the dirty and cheap to stunning and jaw-dropping. Shuk Levinsky has the best food in town. Nachalat Binyamin's twice weekly artists' market runs alongside the Carmel Market. Traverse each one and learn about what makes them special.

Cuisine and Cafes

Tel Aviv is a cultural melting pot of deliciousness that combines that best culinary influences from all over the Middle-East and beyond. Also, the 10% vegan city encourages the restaurants and chefs to be as unique as possible from brunch to bakeries to fine dining. There is no better way experience Tel Aviv than like the locals at a cafe on Rothschild or Dizengoff for some prime 'people-watching' and belly filling!

Modernity, Markets, and Cuisine

The summer in Tel Aviv can get really hot and the winters are unpredictable. Luckily, Tel Aviv has world class museums with a wide range of specialties and interests that can appeal to everyone. Here is just a sample.

Modern History

Rabin Centre - This museum charts the life of arguably Israel's most influential leader led a life that defined the nation from 1948 until well after his assassination in 1995. 

Palmach Museum - A multimedia experience that brings to life Israel's elite strike force from the 40's. 

Beit Hatfutsot - AKA the Diaspora Museum is an excellent way to understand Judaism and Jewish culture with incredible exhibitions for all ages to to enjoy. 

Art Galleries

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Tel Aviv’s premier art museum – with paintings by Van Gogh, Chagall, Picasso, Jackson Pollack and lots more. 

Rubin Museum and Nachum Gutman Museum - Tel Aviv's two most famous homegrown artists who defined Israel's 20th century art scene.

Ilana Goor Museum - For sculpture fanatics, Goor has an impressive collection and works of her own that are a must see in Jaffa. 

Museums Galore

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