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Licensed Israeli Tour Guide Since 2017

For me, Israel has always been an exciting place - filled with adventure, diversity, controversy, and personal growth. Israel is a layered place to tour and understand. My goal as a guide is to use stories, explanations, music and other tools in a creative and nuanced way in order to help you feel a deep connection with Israel on an emotional and intellectual level.  
I was born and raised in Canada and moved to Israel at 22 years old. I served in the IDF as a combat medic in the paratroopers brigade, giving me insight into the social dynamics of the diversity of Israeli youths and their families as well as a deep understanding of the complexities of Israel’s security situation. After the IDF, I worked on my kibbutz in irrigation and found the time to hike the Israel National Trail. These experiences and more inspired my feet to explore and keep seeking new adventures! My wife, daughter, and I live in Tel Aviv - soaking up all the sun, fun, and culture it has to offer.
I believe in really experiencing the places you visit, and seeing much more than the usual recommended sites. If we sound like a good match, please get in touch with me.

My Tour Guide Promises

Safety - Ensuring that everyone is physically safe and that together we create a safe environment grounded in dialogue and respect.
Engagement - Ensuring that there is something for everyone to learn and enjoy means providing different methods of edutainment and a variety of sites and attractions.
Nuance - The best way to 'get' Israel is to take part in its conversation, approaching each place with proper context, serious questions, and dreams for the future.
Deliciousness - My greatest joy is to expose newcomers and seasoned visitors to as many of the varieties of Israeli cuisine and drinks!

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