Walking Tours in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a great city to get to know with your feet. Explore it all:
the ancient, iconic, majestic, modern, and the debates of Jerusalem.
Any of the sites, experiences, and themes listed can be mixed and matched according to your personal interests and preferences. 
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Areal Shot of Holy City of Jerusalem | Hartuv Tours

Participate and witness the everlasting holiness of Jerusalem to all three monotheistic religions. Relive the stories of the people and events from 3,000 years ago until today that still shape the complexity and beauty of the city. 

Jewish Quarter

- Shop in the Cardo where some of Jerusalem's best artist shops are found.

- Go underground to see houses from 2,000 years ago from the Second Temple Period to see what life was like just before the destruction.

- Climb the roof of the Hurva Synagogue in the heart of the quarter to get a 360 degree view of the entire city.

- Place a note in the cracks of The Western Wall (Kotel) and take a moment to meditation at Judaism's holiest site.

Christian Quarter

- Lookout from Jaffa Gate to the new city of Jerusalem to understand how the city expanded outside the Old City walls.

- See the shops of the Christian Quarter from an ancient tattoo parlour to a photo-shop that documents the last 150 years of Israel and all the colours, smells,and flavours of the market.

- Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and all of its layered emotional complexity and architecture.

- Walk in the footsteps of Jesus' last moments on the Via Dolorosa

Muslim Quarter

- Marvel at the Muslim architecture of 1,000 years walking through the narrow alleyways.

- Go up to the Temple Mount to see the golden Dome of the RockAl Aqsa Mosque, and other holy sites from up close and experience the serenity of the most contested real estate in the world.

Armenian Quarter + Mt. Zion

- Pick up a souvenir of some authentic traditional Armenian pottery. 

- See a church, synagogue, and mosque in one building at King David's Tomb on Mount Zion.

Old City of Jerusalem

Hansen House, Talbiyeh, Modern Jerusalem | Hartuv Tours

German Colony

Beautifully preserved 19th century homes, each with a great story and look, located in the heart of Jerusalem's most diverse Jewish neighborhood. 

Talbiyeh & Rehavia

Learn the local tales of the Jewish and Muslim homes in the 19th-20th century that have stunning architecture and show off their specific taste and style.

Yemin Moshe

Wander the charming cobblestone streets of the first Jewish neighborhood that ventured outside the walls of the Old City across the valley.


The famed Machaneh Yehuda Market (shuk) sits at its heart and is still the heart of Jerusalem's cultural scene. The area surrounding it is filled with just as much excitement through its alleys and modest homes. 

Mea Shearim

Transport yourself to a different time and place to the Ultra-Orthadox world of 17th century Poland as you cross Jaffa Street into the centre of Hasidic and Haredi life in Jerusalem. Learn the differences between the sects, explore the streets, and observe a way of life so different than even the neighbourhood next door. 

New City Neighborhoods

David Citadel at Sunset, Old City of Jerusalem | Hartuv Tours

Experience the Old City with a focus on history and archaeology to achieve an understanding each layer of civilization in the world's most complicated and fascinating city.

City of David 

An in depth look at the original core of Jerusalem dating back 3,500 years.

See King David's Palace, walk through the Canaanite (Bronze Age) and Hezekiah's (Iron Age) water channels and the ancient main streets of the city.

Old City 

Explore the underground city to reveal the city's thousands of years of secrets: the Western Wall Tunnels, Second Temple Period underground city, First Temple Period citadels, Byzantine and Crusader churches, Muslim aqueducts and more!

Ramparts Walk

Panoramic walk on top of the Old City Walls where we'll get a bird's eye view of the architecture throughout the ages of the ancient city and understand the difference between east and west Jerusalem.

History of 3,000 Years

Israel Museum, Dead Sea Scrolls, Modern Jerusaem | Hartuv Tours

As the political capital of Israel and the historic capital of Jewish People, Jerusalem has Israel's most important museums and institutions that are a must for any visitor.

Yad Vashem

The world's premier museum and research center for Holocaust studies. The main exhibit presents the period with historical images and artifacts and emotional perspectives. 

On site, the children's memorial Yad Layeled and the Path of the Righteous Gentile are moving as well.

Har Herzl

Israel's national cemetery where great political leaders and some of Israel's most famous fallen soldiers are buried.

The Knesset

Israel's parliament building is filled with live action, Chagall's famous wall hanging of Jewish history, historical documents and more.

The Israel Museum

The greatest finds in a country obsessed with archaeology and history! The Dead Sea Scrolls, a massive model of Second Temple Jerusalem, synagogues from all over the world, and so much more!

Ammunition Hill

The famed 1967 battle site that opened allowed for East Jerusalem and the Old City to be captured by the IDF. It's a heroic but tragic story with preserved trenches from the battle.

Museums and Memorials

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