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By the Rivers of Babylon:

We wept, we transformed, a diaspora was born

Experience the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and then trek with the exiles of Jerusalem through modern day Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq until eventually arriving in the city of Babylon itself. See how the Jews survived and even thrived in their new diaspora communities after each destruction and witness the relatively recent destruction of what once was the center of Jewish life in the world - where the Talmud Bavli was written.

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Jerusalem the Modern City: The Culture and Architecture of the City Beyond the Walls

The expansion of the city beyond Jerusalem's ancient walls created a dynamic of two cities, one old and one modern, that continuously influence each other. This dynamic relationship has transformed an ancient city to Israel's modern capital that embraces the history of the city, country, and all of its religions.

The Person and the Hero: Commemorating the Fallen of Israel

Yom Hazikaron (Israel's Remembrance Day) commemorates Israeli lives lost in uniform and from acts of terror. This tour looks at the lives of five people through stories, songs, and images allowing for participants of any age and knowledge background to create a personal connection.

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The Galilee: Israel’s Experimental Grounds for New Societies

For centuries, the Galilee has served as a testing ground for some of Jewish history's most groundbreaking social experiments. From the communal lifestyle of the kibbutz in the 20th century to the Kabbalah in the 16th, the ideas born here have had a global impact.

Old City of Jaffa Virtual Tour: Strolling the Ancient and Modern Gateway to Israel

Jaffa's Old City is filled with tragic moments of conflict juxtaposed with great periods of dialogue and innovation. On this tour, we will relive stories as ancient as Greek mythological tales and Tanakh and as modern as the Jaffa Orange and 1948 War of Independence - and everything in between!

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