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Both Virtually and In Person

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Discover Israel's hidden gems from the comfort of your home

From Jerusalem to Babylon

Exploring the ancient Jewish communities of Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq

Thought Provoking and Engaging Israel Tours with Josh Hartuv

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Jerusalem's Old City

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Tel Aviv: The Modern City

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Diversity of Israel's North

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Masada and the Dead Sea

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About Hartuv Tours

My goal, as a licensed Israel tour guide, is to help turn your vacation into a meaningful and eye-opening experience. I love connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds and showing off the hidden treasures of Israel. Whether we’re together for an hour, a day or a week, you’re bound to discover something new. Explore my site to find out more. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Alisa and Steven. Hamilton, Canada. In Person tour 2018

My husband and I recently had a private tour with Josh through Israel, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. We were not very knowledgable about where to go in Israel so we left it up to Josh to set up our itinerary. He was very interested in finding out about us and making sure he set up a trip that would best suit our interests. Josh’s tours were absolutely amazing, and even my husband who hates touring had the most memorable experience. Josh is extremely knowledgeable, and very organized. Josh is very warm, kind, and very easy-going. When we wanted to change things he was able to come up with different options for us with no effort at all. I can’t wait to come back again to Israel to tour with Josh, and I will recommend him to all my friends and family.

Noah Efron, The Promised Podcast.  Virtual Tour May, 2020

The virtual Sinai Tour was a dazzling mix of history, archeology, anthropology and traditional Jewish (and other) sources. It was fun and fascinating, and I learned so much. Also, it worked on every level. A smart 10 year old would love it. A college professor would love it. Josh Hartuv is brilliant, and he's just about the most charming person you could meet. I'm looking forward to his real-world tours, as soon as the pandemic is over. But even then, I'll definitely go on more virtual tours because, well, why wouldn't I?.

Ilana Snapstailer. Director of Kesher Newton Hebrew School. Virtual Tours May - August 2020

Hartuv tours created 3 phenomenal virtual tours around Israel for our K-8 Hebrew School, Kesher Newton. They have by far been the highlight of our "virtual program" since Covid-19. Not only does Josh show beautiful pictures and 360 degree views of the sights, he also is amazing at engaging kids of all ages by bringing in personal experiences, songs, poetry, video clips and life lessons to the tours. He is from North America, so his English is perfect and he truly knows and understands his audience. We cannot recommend his tours enough. Even once we return to "in person" learning, we would love to continue to use Hartuv tours of Israel virtually, and hopefully one day, in person!


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