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Graffiti and Street Art of Israel

Venture through the streets of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva, and Jerusalem to find the street art that tells the story of their cities. These images provide a lens for us to understand the dreams versus the realities of the initial visions for the neighbourhoods and cities where the street art is found. The perspective of this art helps us connect with the effects of gentrification and the rapidly changing realities of living in Israel.

Robinson's Arch Reconstructed.jpg

From King David to King Herod: How the City of David Grew over 1,000 Years and Dazzled the Roman Empire

Watch the modest Canaanite city of Jerusalem grow and expand before your eyes through aerial shots, underground tunnels, and video models reconstructing the ancient city. Understand the most important and contentious findings in Biblical archaeology as we bring to life some of the most famous moments in Jerusalem's biblical history.

In the Footsteps of our Ancestors: The Personalities and Sites of the Tanakh

It seems that every hill in Israel is connected to a tale from Tanakh. Explore the hills of Shiloh, Tavor, Azekah, Gezer and more - helping to place an image to the dot on the map where the lives and stories of ancient Israelite heroes can come to life.

Tel Sheva.jpeg

Masada and Ein Gedi: The Intertwining of Stunning Architecture and Breathtaking Nature

Masada is the fortress Herod built 2,000 years ago that seemingly conquers nature's limitations. Ein Gedi is one of Israel's most beautiful national parks. Their stories are brought together through daring tales of escape and bravery - most famous of which being the fall of Masada in 73 CE.

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