Tour Themes

Tailored to your personal passions and interests, design a tour with any of these or more in mind

Whether it’s street food or upscale cuisine, Israel has been a crossroads of the best European and Middle-Eastern styles of foods. Every tour will incorporate the best food Israel has to offer, but this tour will make your taste buds its primary focus. Each city and region in Israel has its own flavours and boutique restaurants which show off their personalities. Speak with local chefs to learn new tricks and understand their inspirations so that you can try to mimic them when you return home. Sample the best of Israel’s award winning wine industry from every region. Learn the stories of the wineries while sitting in their gardens, vineyards, and taking in the gorgeous views. As a homebrewer in Israel, nothing makes me prouder than showing off Israel’s burgeoning micro-brew industry. These breweries can be found next to some of Israel’s best nature walks, archaeological parks, and cultural centres. Eat and drink to your heart’s delight in the ‘land flowing with milk and honey, hummus and wine!’ For more details, click here.

Nature and Hiking

Get to know Israel with your feet and sweat! Israel is the land-bridge between Africa-Asia-Europe, giving this small country a wide range of diverse landscapes and nature. Having completed the Israel National Trail spanning from the south to the north, I have an understanding of the varying degrees of difficulty of hikes and know where to find the most refreshing spring to jump in and cool off! The deserts in Israel are accessible enough for a day trip from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to experience their vast beauty and pockets of natural wonder. The forests and riverbeds of the north provide a range of hikes, views, and most importantly, shade and water. Bike around the bird sanctuary of the Hula Valley or in the rugged terrain of the rolling hills of the Bible. There are so many options for outdoors activities that are great for any age and ability that are waiting for you to dive in head first!

Women's Impact Then and Now

Women have played such an important role in Israel’s history that is too often overlooked by the male dominated societies of their times. We will highlight the female role models and leaders who played an integral role throughout the country’s history. A central focus of the story of every place will be to understand the role of women in everyday life, and not just the major figures who were written about. We will look at the effect that modern feminist movements have had on different aspects of Israeli society and religion. Uncovering these important aspects of Israel's 'herstory' peels back another layer in Israel's rich history, providing an essential perspective of Israeli societies, now and then. Read more

Israel is blessed with great diversity of faiths, peoples, and sects. Come meet the people of the different groups and see the sites that define their connection to the land. Learn how Haifa and the Carmel mountain set the gold standard for cooperation across the many different faiths that live together. Contrast that with Jerusalem, where the naturally segregated sects of Jews, Muslims, and Christians have minimal interaction and effect this has on the city. See the incredible physical and spiritual contribution Christianity has while noting the impacts of their own internal struggles.

Understand the Bedouin lifestyle of the desert and the admirable adaptability of the Druze in the Golan and the Galilee. Israel’s multi-faceted character adds levels of nuance and excitement to learning its history and the impact it has on the day-to-day life of real people. Read more

Land of the Bible

First and foremost, Israel is the land of the Bible - where both the Tanakh and the New Testament took place. Visit the ancient biblical sites, put yourselves in the shoes of the most interesting characters, and allow the surrounding scenery guide your imagination as you hear and read the story of the events that took place there. In Jerusalem, we’ll see the glory of the kingdom and witness its violent destructions. We’ll investigate the CSI evidence of the epic action scene of David and Goliath. Dip in the Jordan river that Joshua crossed, where Elijah flew up to heaven, and where Jesus was baptized. Assess the battle tactics used by Devorah as we sit with her on Mount Tavor. The Bible will no longer be an ancient book, but a living text that you experienced in a deep and personal way.

Family Tours and Special Occasions

Coming to Israel with a family of varying ages, interests, and knowledge level? No need to worry. I love nothing more than to plan tours that will be engaging for everyone, utilizing the diverse nature of the group to enhance the tour. With years of background in experiential education, I take great pride in planning trips that engage multiple learning styles at any given time - using musical, artistic, tactile, and interpersonal formats of pedagogy. Whether you are here for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or any multi-generational trip, we will work together to build a tour that includes multliple access points for all participants to learn, engage and satisfy.

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