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Ben and Gail Lesser

Old City of Jerusalem

August, 2018

"How do we say thank you, when the words are not enough to express our gratitude. Your hard work, long hours, dealing with the heat, being kind and patient, your integrity, commitment to perfection and the depth of your knowledge is just the beginning of how fully blessed we felt to have you as our tour guide. Ben, my father an almost 90 year old Holocaust survivor who has been to Israel many times he learned so many historic facts during our tour it was as if he was seeing it for the 1st time through younger eyes. Our only wish is that your were with us for all of our travels, we have so much to learn, see and do.  

If anyone wants a referral for a tour guide, we will most definitely be referring you.  In fact I hope to return with my husband in the near future and enjoy A Culinary Journey.

The word Mensch does not even begin to cover our personal feelings and affection for you just from our one day together."

Gilinsky Family

Jerusalem, Masada and The Dead Sea

April, 2019

When you hear your child say, I miss Josh, your thoughts are confirmed on just how great he is as a travel guide, and a person. He appeals to all ages, and there is never a dull moment. My only regret is that we didn't book him for the entire trip. My own belief is that he cares for people, and he cares for the Country, and he knows how to bring those two things together in a very memorable way. Thank you Josh.

Hannah Burak

Jaffa and the North (Galilee)

March, 2019

"I took a 2-hour, private tour of Jaffa with Josh and was so impressed, I booked him for a full day trip in the North of Israel later that week. That first tour was with a group of seven rambunctious 20-somethings and the second, with just myself and my 77 year old father. The fact that he was a smash hit with both groups is a testament to his wonderful energy, patience, and zeal for the places and history we covered.

On our trip to the North, Josh crafted an itinerary that packed in a ton of interesting sites and history, including things I would have mistakenly overlooked had I planned it out myself. We learned about the town of Tsippori and marveled at is intricate mosaic work, wandered the charming streets of Safed, ate some amazing Yemeni food, learned about layers of pilgrimage history at the Basilica of the Annunciation. Josh really paid attention to what my father could and could not handle in terms of walking distance and stairs, making adjustments throughout the tour.

One of my favorite things about Josh is how engaged and passionate he is, not just about the history of Israel, but life, culture, politics, etc. in current Israel -- we talked politics, policy, and religion (we didn't always agree) throughout the car rides and I found our conversation intensely interesting.

Finally, as someone who is a crazy food snob, I appreciated having a tour guide for once who really cares about the food we eat during the tour, which met our dietary needs, gave us a chance to try something very new to us, and was absolutely delicious! I really wish I could have taken his food tour of Tel Aviv while I was there."

Esther Bergman & Family

Jerusalem, August, 2019

"Four of us invested a day with Joshua Hartuv in the Old City of Jerusalem and the City of David. Joshua was warm, friendly, an excellent communicator, flexible in his selection of sites to suit our needs, and very knowledgeable. We were two fifty-somethings (traditional/modern orthodox with academic degrees) and two twenty-somethings (secular with academic degrees). There were many archaeology questions and Josh handled them with knowledge and grace. Our son commented that he appreciated the academic, balanced outlook with which Josh presented information. I appreciated his love of the city and land and the warmth he conveyed as its representative."

Denise Bagby Sibrt

Tel Aviv, Carmel, and Akko

February, 2019

"Absolutely fabulous two days touring with Josh. We communicate via email back and forth with initial planning but he suggested we Skype so he could get a better idea of what we were like. He planned a great two days for us started in Old Jaffa from Ancient Egyptian times to present. We walked through history, architecture, wars, ruins, art and politics. We ate the best hummus ever, sipped Turkish coffee and savored amazing gelato before we ended up at Nachalat Binyamin Market for a stroll through some of the best art in the country. And that was only day one with 22,000 steps on my Fitbit. Day two we were collected in a super comfy minibus for a tour of Haifa, Mount Carmel, the Baha’i garden , a lunch and lovely conversation with a Druze family and on to Akko for the market, Crusader Hall, a beautiful Mosque and I know I’m missing tons of things but Josh planned everything well. He is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable and definitely made me want to return to Israel."


Group Tour of Tel Aviv

June, 2019

"You can tell he absolutely loves his job because of the amount that he knows and the fun that he brings to each tour! His story-telling way of telling you about the history of Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Israel makes it interesting to learn and easy to follow along. He also has amazing food recommendations that he is more than happy to share with everyone. Could not recommend Josh more!!"

Heisler Family

Shefela and Galilee

March, 2018

"We cannot recommend Josh enough for whatever tour guide needs you may have.  He led our multi-generational group (from 17-81) and made the itinerary meaningful for each and every one of us.  Whether overlooking the valley where David slew Goliath or hiking through the ruins of Tel Lachish, whether at well-established sites or places well off the beaten track, Josh was able to bring the ancient world and the Bible to life in almost magical ways.  His knowledge of history and geography (not to mention flora, fauna and geology!) helped us understand both ancient and modern Israel.  Added bonus:  he took us to great eateries and wineries and was absolutely delightful company throughout our trip." 

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