Multiculturalism of Israel's North

The north of Israel is filled with a wide range of fascinating peoples, incredible sites, and stories and ideas that will open your mind and heart

Acco (Acre) 

- The White (Al Jazzar) Mosque

- Ottoman Architecture and Fortifications

- Hummus Sa'id (Israel's best hummus)


- Bahai Gardens

- Carmelite Monastery of Elijah

Daliat al Carmel

- Meal with a Druze Family

- Walk around Druze town

DAY 1 - Acco-Carmel

Mount Gerizim

- Samaritain Community and Holy Sites


- Lookout to Palestinian Muslim City

Bedouins of the Galilee

Unofficial towns with an unclear status

Day 3 - Peoples of Samaria

Alonei Abba

- The German Templer town Waldheim


- The Church of the Annunciation

- Relationship between Christians and Muslims of the Galilee

Kfar Kama 

- Circassian Heritage Centre

Day 2 - Galilee Christianity

Majdal Shams

- Druze of the Golan


- Hike with Ancient Romans and their interaction with local Jews and Christians

Nimrod Fortress

- Ancient Muslim architecture

Har Bental

- Lookout to Syria and Kuneitra

Day 4 - Golan Minorities

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