Israel's Culinary Experience

The diversity of peoples and cultures in Israel is best experienced by taste. Enjoy all the creativity and deliciousness that Israel has to offer while soaking in the personal stories and history behind each dish and drink.
Check out my food recommendations across Israel!

Israel's best wineries are just as rich in flavours as they are in stories. Each wine region of Israel has a different look and taste and lots of interesting and fun things to do in between tasting.

Golan Heights

Chateau Golan and Golan Heights are next to some of Israel's best water hikes, Gamla archaeological park, and Mount Bental's breathtaking vista.


Tulip and Tishbi wineries combine award winning flavour with heart warming stories. Situated next to nostalgic early zionist towns and Nazareth.

Jerusalem Area

Flam and Gush Etzion are the perfect way to cap off a day of walking around Jerusalem or a great way to open a day of visiting the biblical sites of the shefala region.

Wine Tasting

Catch the growing wave of the Israeli craft beer scene by visiting the top breweries and the sites surrounding them.

Fass and Bazelet Breweries

Fass is the smaller brewery in the south Golan, between the hot springs of Hamat Gader and the ancient ruins of Gamla. Bazelet is in the heart of Katzrin, the perfect brew-pub after a day of hiking in the center.

Malka Beer

Situated on the top of hill in Kibbutz Yechiam next to a Crusader fortress, there is no better view and hike to go with Israel's most ubiquitous mico-brewery.

Srigim Brewery

Host to two of Israel's most diverse breweries, Emek Ha'elah and Ronen, here you will find your perfect ale. The region also plays host to fascinating Biblical sites and off-road biking trails.

Jem's and Dancing Camel

The two best breweries that are bars as well. DC, Israel's first microbrewery is a Tel Aviv bar with personality and constantly changing flavours. Jem's in Petach Tikvah has a menu and atmosphere that is unparalleled.

Craft Beer Tour

Each city in Israel has their unique open-air markets and local restaurants that show off the flavours, smells, and colours Israel's famous cultural and culinary diversity.


Tel Aviv

The 10% vegan city encourages the restaurants and chefs to be as unique as possible from brunch to bakeries to fine dining. Enjoy a "shuk and cook" from the Carmel Market to the kitchen table.



If you're into meat, from street level to fancy dining, Jerusalem has it all! Salivate over the exploding gourmet burger scene, enjoy the classic Israeli style skewered lamb, and ponder the mysterious and delicious nature of the Jerusalem mixed grill.



Israel's most underrated and best market with the cheapest and freshest vegetables around. The best bourekas in the country are found here as well as the best of Muslim-Arab cuisine. 


Traditional Palestinian desserts line Acco's winding market. They go perfectly well after enjoying the best fish restaurants in Israel.

Cuisine in the City

Escape the noise of the city to experience the tranquility and the individual touch of these hard to find but rewarding culinary stories.

Golan Heights and Upper Galilee

This sparsely populated region is the free range beef capital of Israel with special cuts that match the wineries from next door. 

Sharon Region

Accessible by car from most cities in Israel, you can find everything from the best smoked meat in the country to a homely  community restaurant  with a thriving bakery. 


Experience the cultures of the Galilee through food, from the traditional Druze feast, to the Christian Arab unique homemade foods to a goat's cheese farm!

Desert Oasis

Even the most isolated areas have their own charming and delicious foods. The fresh and locally grown veggies of the kibbutzim force these spots to be new and creative. Contrast that with the time-tested delicacies and hospitality of the Bedouins.

Gems off the Beaten Path

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